CANAPI is proud to offer several housing and support programs:

If you are not LGBTQ or living with HIV, please contact 211 for additional emergency assistance resources through other organizations.

Harmony Place

Harmony Place, established in 1994, is CANAPI's permanent supportive housing program. It contains 16 units for individuals and families, 15 of which are federally subsidized. Tenants in this program enjoy regular community events including cooking programs and art classes. Tenants also have regular access to CANAPI staff for needs involving communication with other agencies, assistance with paperwork or organization and budgeting.

Through the Nutrition Program, Harmony Place residents receive cooked organic meals and organic foods with excellent recipes once per quarter.

Contact the Homeless Hotline at 330.615.0576

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LGBTQ Youth Housing

CANAPI offers a LGBTQ Youth Housing Assistance Program for emancipated youth ages 13 to 17 and young adults ages 18 to 24 in Summit and Portage counties. This program pays for first month's rent or a security deposit aimed at assisting households in need with permanent, stable housing placement. This program also equips LGBTQ youth and young adults with an "essentials kit" including anything they may need to survive or thrive while in between stable housing situations.

Contact CANAPI at 330.252.1559 or


Helping Hands

CANAPI offers a Tenant-Based Rental Assistance Program called Helping Hands. In this program, an average of four households per year have the opportunity to rent an apartment in the community aided by CANAPI subsidy. For twelve months, CANAPI staff works closely with these clients to equip them with tools necessary for independent living. At the end of the program, clients transition into full rent responsibility and are able to continue onward knowing that their housing situation is healthy and reliable.

Contact the Homeless Hotline at 330.615.0576

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The Micah Program

(Rapid Re-Housing)

Beginning in September 2017, CANAPI will offer Rapid Re-Housing programming to up to nine households at a time using grant dollars from Summit County's Continuum of Care (CoC). In this housing model, homeless individuals work with CANAPI case managers to identify and secure rental housing in the community covered by an income-based subsidy for a limited period of time. The length of this assistance may vary on a case-to-case basis but may not exceed twelve months. Through involved case management and self actualization, households set and achieve goals necessary to attain and maintain permanent, independent housing.

Contact the Homeless Hotline at 330.615.0576

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Shelter + Care

In addition to in-house programming, CANAPI offers referrals to the Shelter + Care program, a permanent supportive housing voucher program operated by the Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority (AMHA). This program is offered to households with HIV and an additional disabling condition whose housing needs would otherwise be unmet. Those admitted benefit ongoing income-based subsidy and access to support services based on an annual needs assessment.

Contact the Homeless Hotline at 330.615.0576

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Emergency Assistance

CANAPI offers up to 21 weeks per year of emergency assistance for those with HIV/AIDS who are experiencing documented financial hardships. Assistance funds are used to prevent the loss of housing stability (an outstanding utility in danger of shut-off or late rent balance, for example) and are paid directly to landlords or service providers. This assistance accompanies counseling to prevent future occurrence and is limited by both frequency of assistance and funds availability. Applications and counseling are provided by Equitas Health.

If you are in need of emergency assistance funds, please contact Equitas Health at 330.794.5289 to initiate an application process. Once applications are submitted to CANAPI, disbursements are made within 8-10 business days.


Don't see what you need?

Contact the Homeless Hotline at 330.615.0576

to be assessed for housing assistance across the entire community.