Education & Resources


Advocacy & Referrals

CAN educates organizations about HIV transmission, practices that reduce the risk of infection and ways of living with HIV/AIDS to schools, community groups and organizations. CAN also provides referral services to clients in need of specialized medical care and legal guidance, support groups and other supportive services.

Testing & Counseling

CAN Admin OfficesCAN offers confidential/anonymous HIV testing and counseling to those in need. Both are free of charge. Please see our list of events for specific testing information.


Community AIDS Network has speakers available to schools, organizations and community groups to provide education on HIV issues. Topics include prevention and risk reduction, living with HIV, current trends in the epidemic and its treatment, and information about our agency's services.

Risk Reduction

We focus on outreach efforts, where persons of high risk congregate, by speaking to groups about HIV transmission and ways to avoid infection.

Literature & Supplies

CAN stocks a variety of printed materials about HIV/AIDS, some of which is targeted to specific populations such as teens, racial and sexual minorities, and health and safety workers. CAN volunteers and staff members distribute safer sex supplies within the community and supplies are also available in our offices. Posters, brochures and safer sex supplies are available free of charge.